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    Re: Open to Cell A1

    I get a an amibuous name error for the workbook_open.

    I do have a workbook open command already being used, could this cause this?

    First, let me say thankyou to all of you who always help.

    So with that said this is what am trying to accomplish:

    When workbook opens,
    go to worksheet "home"
    go to cell "A1"
    When worksheet closes save and password protect data
    unless data is already protected, in that case skip this step.

    Don't worry as I write and do different things I will learn all this stuff!

    Re: Printer Preview Crashes / Closes

    Also check the compatability with the printer cable some reguire to ie1354 cables to allow full function. Also are there any other programs that are experienceing problems or is it just excell?

    Where am I going wrong?
    I simply want to search a sheet and find the first cell with the entry.
    I created a button to show a search box asking what to look for but it gives me errors at the end run. I figured it is missing commands telling it what to do when it finds, what it is looking for. I tried some stuff but am still to ignorant at vba. I left the description of what I was trying to do in the code. but erased the code as it had me all kinds of confused.

    The code is actually snippets I pulled from other code so if there is a better way to do this I am open minded.

    Once again thanks in advance.

    Re: Printer Preview Crashes / Closes

    It could be the driver for your pinter. Since your computer is a HP try reinstalling with the "HP Laserjet 4 Plus" Driver this is a generic hp driver that should work for all HPs. If that doesnt help you should look at for driver updates specific to your printer. Let me know if this helps.

    Re: view web on worksheet

    Very new to vba, but I am learning. Im sure it may be past my grasp. I tried the web query which is a cool feature, it only dl's the info and puts it into cells. This is great for some other things I am working on. But currently I need to see the web page exactly as viewed online.

    Ok here is what I want.

    I would like to click a link and a web page open embeded or off to the side of the worksheet right next to column c. Columns a, b and c will have instructions on how to operate the web page. So I would like to have the instructions and web page all visible after clicking the link. I dont know if you can embed a web screen in excell, I just thought that would be really cool. But if i can set parameters (placement and size)for the page opening, that would be cool too.

    Re: Conditional Copy and Paste cells

    Sorrry, no good with VBA but,

    I know you can do a conditional formatting and place a formula to change the negative values to 0. If someone could me out with the formula I would appreciate it also.

    Another alternative would be to create new columns with a "if" calculations like =if(a1<0,0,a1) with column a having your data and col b using the formula.

    I dont know if this helps you any.

    I need to hide a column based on a selection from a validation list.
    for example column A has a list with 1, 2, 3 as choices. So I need to hide col B when 1 is selected or hide col c when 2 is selected etc.

    Re: Copy items in column to a row

    So I went and transposed the values as directed earlier. This swaped all just fine for me. A few format changes mine looked like what you want in just a few minutes. All values were moved just fine.

    So do want the move to happen just one time, or the values to carry automatically as infomation is inputed?
    If so you will just have to tell it what each column is equal to for each individual cell. ao2 =k12 and ao3 =l12 and so on. Hope this helps.

    When you install a new program and it ask you for your information like name and business, this information is saved and will already be placed there. However the information my computer shows is wrong. I would like to actually show my name or nothing at all. Now in windows 98se there was a file with a .pwd extension that could be manipulated or deleted. In XP I can not find such a file or anything close for that matter. So is there a way to change this info.
    If someone can help I would apprecaite it.

    Re: Automatic Date Entry

    Thank you all very much.
    It all worked. I used the today function along with the code. I did change open to activate. It seemed to help it out.

    Thanks again.