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    I have a form with many tabs the form is a member database. on one of the tabs the members children are stored. They have there own table and are set as a subdata sheet. The tab has their form on it. A form in a form. The kids are filtered to the parents. Have J Smith selected and only his kids appeared. I was asked to put a listbox to select the kids easier. But I cant get it to see the same filter. So instead of seeing J Smiths 3 kids I see all 250 kids in the table. The form will only show the 3 kids but the listbox has them all. Any ideas, thoughts, macros or suggestions? Thanks!

    Re: Parameter Msg After Form Criteria


    I had several sorts from before I set up the filter that asked for the values as well and one for a value I deleted. Erased those three and added updated sorting and it all works great.

    Re: capturing open, close, and exit events

    When I paste your msg into the thisworkbook page it runs just fine. Why dont you past the msg after the could that logs the open. That way when you see the message you know the log worked as well.

    Re: capturing open, close, and exit events

    Sounds like it would be better if you date stamped a cell versus giving yourself a message. Do you want a continuing log or just to know the last time you logged in? Also, will this be for all workbooks, sheets you open or just certain workbooks?

    Re: Images linked with Databases?

    Cool, I am glad I did a search before asking. This is exactly what I was looking for. But let me extend the question just a bit.

    How would I set up a default picture(Like a picture that says unavailable)?

    Re: No Data Macro

    The command is called from the reports property setting.

    The 'On No data' event, calls macro "NoData".

    Which is on located on a macros page with this settings:
    Macro Name = No Data
    Condition =
    Action = MsgBox
    Comment =

    Message = Message
    Beep = Yes
    Type = None
    Title = No Data

    Re: Email cell information

    There are several post that give you examples and code for exactly what your looking for on the forum. Try a search and look for similair titles and that should get you started.

    Re: Error Message upon compacting

    The following I found in the help files.

    Troubleshoot compacting an Access database or Access project
    A Microsoft Access database or Microsoft Access project will not compact for any of the following reasons:

      You don't have enough storage space on your disk for both the original and compacted versions of the Access database or Access project. Delete any unneeded files and try again.

      You don't have both Open/Run and Open Exclusive permissions for the Access database. If you don't own this database, contact its owner to find out whether you can be given these permissions. If you own this database, you need to update your permissions.

      Another user has the Access database or Access project open.

      The Access database or Access project is located on a read-only network share, or its file attribute is set to Read Only.

    Re: Filter with form

    Of course I will. My apoligize for not posting it on my last post.

    The message comes from your macro page. I forgot to name one of the macros. So when the report runs through all of them it sees one with no name and gives the message, but still sees all of the rest and thats why it allowed my filter to still work.

    The solution to why the filter wasnt working is a very obvious one. The source was set to the wrong record. The criteria I wrote worked fine.


    Re: Filter with form

    OK, so I kept working with it and I can get it to filter correctly. But I still get the message. So how can get it to go away?