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    Trying to filter a report by using a form. I went step by step through the instructions via the help screens. So everything is OK until I test the work I did. I get a message that reads

      The expression you entered has a funtion that ProgramNameHere cant find

    After reviewing my work everything appears to be done correctly, except for my filter criteria. The instructions read

      For example, in a Microsoft Access database (.mdb), for a form called Sales Dialog, you would use the following expression to refer to controls named Beginning Date and Ending Date in the query:
      Between [Forms]![Sales Dialog]![Beginning Date] And [Forms]![Sales Dialog]![Ending Date]

    I of course changed mine to fit my progam and tried

      [forms]![birthday report by month]![Month]

    The instructions are from date to date. I need a single value.
    So did I enter the criteria wrong or something else?

    We will be sending out weekly emails to a query list of email recipients. I would like to load outlook with the complete list of emails(in new message) or export them as contacts to outlook. Adding new as they became available or deleting those who do not want emails. Any ideas?

    Re: Dropdown list of worksheets

    So here is what you can do. (Have never done it)

    Write or pull the sheets name to a cell.
    Save the names as a range.
    Use dropdown set to the named range.

    You could even use a validation dropdown.

    Re: saving to cd

    Are the floppys failing or getting full?

    If they are failing then replace them.
    If they are getting full then maybe you could split the infromation up
    ie. one for fiction, one for thriller, one for biography etc.

    Re: Filtering Report or Union


    I actually found to different methods.
    The one I will use is adding a where line to the sql

    where emailaddress is not null and emailaddress <> ''

    I was trying it with the is not null only and once I figured this out it was smooth sailing, thanks to Norie for pointing to the right road.

    The second method is kind of neat
    If you right click in the datasheet view in the union query and select
    Filter by form it gives you drop down choices to filter by and creates
    a new query using that filter. Kind of round-a-bout but it worked just the same.

    Re: saving to cd

    I am not sure I understand completely but it sounds like you are trying to "save" to a cd which you cannot do. You can save to your hard drive and then burn to cd. If I misunderstood let me know.

    Re: Filtering Report or Union

    I arrived at calling it union query because that is what some else called it. But pretty much exactly as you thought. I make a query and then select sql in the corner and placed the commands.
    I have:

    Where should, Is Not Null, be placed? I have tried it every where.

    Re: Showing an Access form via a button

    OK so this is just a thought, Access will let you insert an Excel Spreadsheet (I have never tried this). It is listed on the more tools list on the toolbox. So then why not insert the spreadsheet with the room and then create buttons over the areas you need to access the forms. That way you are always in Access to start out with. Or maybe even create a picture type layout and use that the same way.

    Like I said, just a thought, you can use or lose it.

    So I have an email report from a union query.
    It has


    Not all records have an email acount.
    I would like to filter these out. Doesnt matter if they go via the Union or the report. The report would be more optimal because then I could reverse the effect later to see those who do not have an email. But it really doesnt matter how. Thanks in advance.