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    Re: Start Macro X minutes after opening worksheet

    This would help me with one of my problems but I was just wondering if there would be a way for the macro to start after the datafeed finished versus the time setting. If the data builds beyond a 2 minute time level or drops in time, the macro could start early or waste time.

    Re: Looking up and using formulas from another WS

    I am not the best at VBA so hopefully someone else will step up and help.
    I will take a look at on Monday morning, sorry I dont have the time over the weekend. If not worked out by Monday I will get right on it. Good Luck

    Re: Looking up and using formulas from another WS

    So I am playing around with the choose formula
    which allows up to 29 values. So here is what I came up with


    This appears to work and using the formula palette is very manageable, So if someone Knows why this wont work (it sounds to easy to me) please let me know.

    Re: newbie vba help

    Alt+F11 or right-click on the tab.
    You will now be in VB On the left you will see your pages and maybe modules.
    click through those to see the code.

    Re: Looking up and using formulas from another WS

    Here is the other one you need
    Notice this doent actually import a formula but rather has all the formulas. Drag fill the formula down as needed.

    Re: Textbox to multiple sheets

    Sorry for not better describing but that one box will go to just those two pages. I tried that line of code and it didnt work, I didnt really see anything that named the specific sheet so I edited it to

    Range("DateFirstName").Cells(txtRow.Value) = txtFirstName.Value
        Sheets("Date Info").Range("DateFirstName").Cells(txtRow.Value) = txtFirstName.Value

    Neither worked.

    Re: Clear Button error

    I dont know if that helped out Joe but I appreciate you taking the time to write that out. It helped me understand some much needed information. Thanks iwrk4dedpr :rock:

    Re: Textbox to multiple sheets

    I want the value placed within range "DateFirstName" on sheet "Date Info".
    The txtrow box contains the row value.
    The box is located on a user form in sheet "Data" and the values for that page are placed with

    Range("FirstName")(txtRow.Text).Value = txtFirstName.Value

    Re: Output a range selected by the user

    Our apoligies, we realize that you have been looking for two days and are now frustated with us when you did not get your answer within minutes. We realize that since we all volunteer our time to help each other that we should feel guilty. I hope your friend can help when you need two lines of code.

    I have a userform textbox that I would like to send the value to multible sheets.
    The value to sheet1 is

    Private Sub txtfirstName_AfterUpdate()
        Range("FirstName")(txtRow.Text).Value = txtFirstName.Value
    End Sub

    I tried this

    Sheets("Date Info").Select
     Range("DateFirstName")(txtRow.Text).Text = txtFirstName.Value

    but as always no luck.