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    Re: Output a range selected by the user

    We are going to need more information and then maybe we can work on something to help you.

    Where is the range?
    What is in the range?
    How would like to output it? (ie button, cell selection)
    Where would you like it to go?

    Re: Overwrote file

    The backup system has been down for a week. I knew there was nothing I could do. I was just hoping for a miracle. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I acidentally overwrote a file, I didnt delete it, I overwrote it. I was wondering if anyone new how to recover such a file.
    In other words I copied over myself and and said yes to the replace question. That was followed by lots of swearing. Any ideas, please help!!!

    Re: VBA Buttons font set to Wingdings

    I dont have a defalut workbook stored. But that did lead me down the right path. I realized since I dont have a default book what else loads up on starting excel. So I check my addins. I had one addin that had a userfrom with wingdings on it. Change the font as you directed reopend excel and abracadabra the userforms have been fixed. Thanks for the help.

    Re: VBA Buttons font set to Wingdings

    Thats cool it did fix the problem for the current book all objects load correctly with the userfrom set correctly, but when I open a new book the default for the userform is wingdings and I would have to change evry userform I load.


    My VBA Buttons font is set to Wingdings as the standard. So when I add a button or anything the font is wingdings. I know how to change the font but I would have to do it evry time I add something. So I changed the setting somehow and cant figure out how to change it back.

    Re: AutoFit rows

    It should auto size using that feature maybe there is some formatiing already in place. Try deleting the formatting or copy and paste values to a new cell.

    Re: combobox to textbox to combobox

    This is how I populate the combobox. It sets the value to txtRow and then shows the list.

    Sub UpdateCombobox1()
        If ComboBox1.Value = Range("firstname")(txtRow.Text).Value Then
        ComboBox1.RowSource = "firstname"
        End If
    End Sub

    This is what I have tried to set the box to see the combo

    Sub UpdatetxtRow()
        If txtRow.Text = ComboBox1.Value Then
        txtRow.Text = ComboBox1.Value
    '    Else
    '    txtRow.Text = Range("Database").Text
        End If
    End Sub

    This is my row value box it sets the data not to exceed the list

    So as of right now I can

      see the row number in textbox

      see the value in the combo that matches the textbox

      see the complete dropdown of my range in the combo

      change the combo when the textbox changes

    I cant

      change the textbox when selecting in the combo