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    Re: Sum cells based on date criteria

    AAE, thanks first time doing this kinda work since college...been so long.

    i'm using calendar control 10.0 from excel.
    basically what I would like to do is, I want to find out how many units are coming in in certain date.
    I kinda explained on my first post....I hope this explains a little more of my question.


    Hi guys,

    my first post and I'm very new to Excel. please help.

    here's what I want to do;

    from my excel sheet, certain dates have values and I want to add them up and show them on calendar when I click on that date.

    I have the calendar added already but couldn't find a way to do that..

    for example;

    a1-10/20/2010 a2-1000
    b1-10/19/2010 b2-2000
    c1-10/20/2010 b3-1500

    so when I click on 10/20 from the calendar, I would like an output of 2500.

    is this something feasible?

    thanks in advance