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    Ummm.......not quite sure what you mean....

    Just want a button next to each entry in the summary that will generate an invoice for that entry, probably a seperate workbook would be better so youcan't save it to summary again.

    Thanks Roy :cat:

    Hi Guys, me again!

    Well I am so grateful for my invoicing system, it makes life so much easier for me.

    The one thing I'd like to be cheeky enough to ask, is if anyone can make a button on the summary page that generates an invoice for that particular entry.

    I have attached the file, thanks x

    Wow! Thank you both so much, it's fantastic! Just a couple of things, firstly can I also have a drop down menu called 'artist' underneath the date and invoice number (see attached workbook) which has a drop down menu with letters A - N (taht I can change to names myself) that shows up in a separate column in the summary.

    Also how would I email just the invoice sheet?

    Thirdly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :cheers::tongue::yes::):D;):bisou::bouncing::bouncy::cool::wink1::wink2::tumble::spin::P:cul::flower::thumbcoo::guitar:

    OK, will have a go now. Understandable that banks have hefty firewalls really!

    I'm down in Saarf London, Camberwell. Working for a music management company, so we need to invoice record labels for remix fees and royalty advances when we do deals. We just do invoices manually at the moment but it's driving me mad so I'm trying to simplify the system.

    Be back soon...:wink2:

    Wow! I didn't even think of that, much more sensible.

    So I could print the invoice, then save the information within the invoice to a seperate sheet, with columns for inv no, client, service, fee, vat, total? I could even have a column at the end to fill in "sent" and "paid". That would be great!

    Is that what you meant? How's Birmingham today? It's quite sunny in London today, put me in a good mood!:D

    Will, would there be a way to save the worksheet rather than the whole workbook, so I can save all my invoices in one workbook? This way I could just have one list of all contacts, and could do sums between the sheets.

    Sorry, I'm really not very good at this!

    OOoooh yes, thanks Will, that's looking good, just got in so going to have a little play with it and let you know how I go. More penguins?!?? I am getting worried about you.

    Roy UK-
    still haven't had a chance to check yours but will be doing so shortly, thanks.:D:cheers:

    I need to make an invoice system to do the following things, if you could help me with any of the points I'd be extremely grateful! I've numbered them so you can let me know which point you are referring too. Thanks for reading this far!

    1. A drop down menu with company names. Another worksheet stores company name, address1, address2, postcode, country. When you choose a company name, the address is automatically added below.

    2. To generate the invoice number, a drop down list (a code for each service) and a number (+1 from the last invoice).

    3. If poss, to automatically name the work sheet by the invoice number.

    4. A new invoice button, that (obviously) opens a new invoice.

    5. An automatically updating date cell.

    Phew! Any help on any point would be great, thank you!:)