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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to create a basic check list which is generated for a user depending on which cells are filled in another tables.

    For example column A contains a list of different types of expenses, A8 says Hotel expense. If someone enters any value in B8-J8 (Monday-Sunday) I want to add an item to a separate location, which is a check list of required items that need to be included for hotel expenses.. ie. hotel receipt.

    Currently what I have done is create a massive check list with all required documentation for every expense type and I have a button at the end of my spreadsheet labeled "Generate Checklist" which basically just hides rows in my list if the appropriate expense value is 0. The end result is a list of what is required, with the items not required hidden.

    I'm sure there is a better way of doing this, as I do occasionally get errors, any more efficient methods would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey Everyone,

    I realize this may not be an excel or a word problem, but I didn't really know where else to ask. If anyone is familiar with the software and/or method used to create a network/collaboration chart such as this one from the CIHR website I would greatly appreciate you sharing.

    If not, is there any way to make a similar chart in word or excel? Basically I need to show the number of collaborations between one institution and a few dozen others in graphical form.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm fairly new to pivot tables and am not finding them as useful as I thought they would be.

    The current pivot table I'm working on has a list of programs down the rows, with the years across the columns separated by application status (Awarded, Refused, etc.) and a total count for each year. What I need to do is show the % of total applications for each year, for each program that are awarded.

    In other words I simply need to do Awarded/Total for each year. However in calculations this is not an option, as it will only allow me to select Application Status, and not a particular status such as awarded. Is there any way around this, or an easier method of doing this?

    Thanks in advance, I realize this may be a stupid question but I'm sure you're well used to those by now.

    Re: Cell Padding Help

    Thanks for the quick reply. It seems like this may be suitable if I can manage to get the spacing exact enough. I'll experiment and post another reply.


    This feels like a really stupid problem, but I have yet been able to find a solution. I'm working with a textfile that contains 6 columns of information and basically I need to import the text file into excel, modify column B which is a column of dollar amounts and then save the file as a text again in order for it to be used with Oracle financial it must maintain the same format.

    However when I save this file to text it does not maintain the formatting and the columns are all mixed together or the spacing has changed and I cannot go through line by line (there are a few thousand rows) to correct this.

    I believe this is happening because some of the columns contain data of different lengths (description or verification for example range from 20 to 50 characters) however I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to pad these all up to the same width using spaces.

    Can anyone possibly provide a better solution with this little amount of information?