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    Sorry, but you didn't state in your profile that you were using 365. As you can see I'm using 2016 so ... I tried a quick search on the web but didn't find a solution.

    Seems to me that you already have given reference to the right Libraries. My only suggestion/guess:

    try moving the line Set oDoc = .GetInspector.WordEditor just before the line .Display.


    I would like the VBA code to Hide/Unhide a Worksheet in a Workbook with a Formula.

    But do you need VBA or do you need a Formula ? By the way, can't be done by formula.

    You could use this macro to be pasted in the "Content" tab's module. It will Hide/Unhide the tab "Data" every time you click cell C6 as you asked.

    As long as your empty cells don't contain formulas, have a try with this macro on your active sheet. Change last row detection method if your real sheet has other areas compiled.

    Well, it was a problem with 64bit versions and a couple of years ago I found a workaround ... that's why I went back to a 32bit version.

    Maybe if I look throught my snippets it could come up but since you say you "found an extra line of code not needed" I would be very happy to know which one :/.

    Ps. I think it was to add a Sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}", True before the end of the macro or just after the last offending SendKey.

    Try this, to trigger your macro instead of event Worksheet_Change use the event Worksheet_Calculate, like this:

    In the ThisWorkbook module paste:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
        With Sheet1     '<- adjust sheet name as needed
            Prev1 = .Range("D3").Value
            Prev2 = .Range("D5").Value
        End With
    End Sub

    In a Standard module paste:

    Public Prev1   As Variant
    Public Prev2   As Variant

    In the Sheet's module paste:

    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
        If Range("D3").Value <> Prev1 Or Range("D5").Value <> Prev2 Then Make_Board
    End Sub

    Save and Restart workbook to activate the public variables before use.

    Add these lines of code to your macro, could be a simple solution. It will add a random number at the end of Filename: