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    Presuming that your names are in column A from row 1 and have a single comma and a 2 charcter initial you could use this macro. To keep the initials aligned you will have to format the column with a monospaced font (ex. Courier New).

    It's tricky to use 'Find' with both month and year due to local formatting of dates so I had to change approach, try with this:

    If I correctly understood your request, could be:

    Note that I also added Event checking to avoid redundant triggering.

    The relevant part of my macro is all in the 'If/Then/End If' so all you have to do is add it to your macro, where depends on how your's is structured, maybe just before your 'End Sub'.

    Since I have no idea how your project is structured, I believe that a solution for your second request would be the same, create and add a new 'If/Then/End If' and in it change the references to columns and rows.

    Have a try with this macro to be placed in the sheets module.

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    You asked for a macro to do the dirty work, I usually use this one to be found here: Link

    Never test on original files.

    You need to Delete (not only Clear) all rows and columns after the last valid cell.

    For rows: Select first empty row, hold Shift, tap End then Down Arrow, release Shift, apply Delete

    For columns: Select first empty column, hold Shift, tap End then Right Arrow, release Shift, apply Delete

    That's because with MID you extract a string, so when you compare A1=71 it is a string to a number. Should be atleast string to string (or number to number) so your formula in A3 will work with:




    Looks like it should be (but I'm unable to test it):

    Cells(7, iKVI).Value = "=" & Cells(7, iSum).Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False) & "/SUM(" & Range(Cells(7, iSales), Cells(LastRow, iSales)).Address & ")"

    You have an extra double-quote after:


    Could depend on what cell K6 contains but most of all depends on the fact that you are using forbidden characters in the file name.

    Try with:

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path & SBD & Format(Now(), "DDDD-MMM-D-YYYY") & ".xlsm"