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    Re: calling "variable names" procedure

    Thank you Andy,

    in the meantime I found out how it worked. It' a really advanced programming topic approcing VBA to the VC++ features.

    For the one of you who are interested here is an example;

    Sub main()
    Dim strg As String, i As Integer
    i = 10

    Select Case i
    Case 1
    strg = "func" & i
    Case 2
    strg = "func" & i
    Case Else
    strg = "func99"

    End Select
    Evaluate (strg & "(" & i & ")")
    End Sub

    Function func1(a As Integer)
    MsgBox "I'm 1"
    End Function

    Function func2(a As Integer)
    MsgBox "I'm 2"
    End Function

    Function func99(a As Integer)
    MsgBox "I'm Else"
    End Function

    There is no need of hardcoding the function names in a "select case" or "if... Else" statements; you can pass them as arguments to a main function.

    function mainfunc(funcName as string)
    mainfunc=Evaluate(funcName & "()") <==== adapt code for custom code
    end function


    Re: calling &quot;variable names&quot; procedure

    thank you A9192Shark,

    but I want to keep max flexibility; with if or select case statement I'm force to hardcode. I want to have the freedom to add more "func"Nbr function without changing continuosly the code. I thought there was something with "Evaluate"...



    can someone help me to remember how to call a proceure with "variable name" within a main procedure? I know there is a way but I forgot it


    sub main(var1 as integer)
    dim res as integer
    call ...."func" & var1 & "(2,3, res)"

    end sub

    sub func1(a as integer,b as integer,c as integer)
    end sub

    sub func2(a as integer,b as integer,c as integer)
    end sub

    Depending on var1 main calls the appropriate sub routine.

    Thank you in advance