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    hi all

    iam trying to make a macro so that i can toggle between 45 & 75% view tha iam going to put on a tool bar in MS Word 2000. this is how far iv got with the code when i click no the button it go's to 75 % and stays there it does not go to 45% if i click on the button again can some one help me

    ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.zoom.Percentage = 45
    ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.zoom.Percentage = 75

    iv drawn a rectangle and insert text in it . when i rotate the rectangle the text stays the same it dose not rotate with the rectangle . can some help me i would like to know how to get the text to rotate with the rectangle . or is there a software that i can use to draw lines,shapes & free hand rotation

    iam using
    OS: xp pro
    MS word2000

    i have a main page with 2 bottons e.g (pump1)&(pump2) i would like each botton to open its own worksheet but i dont want to see tha tab for the worksheets that the bottons have to open. all this is done in the same workbook.

    i try recording a macro by clicking on the worksheet tab that i want the button to open but it only works when the worksheet is not hidden . i do not know much about VB can some 1 help me please :? :thanx: