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    Hello Experts,
    Wondering if you could help in coming up with an Excel function to determine the FIFO (First in First Out) price of stocks based on consumption.

    Stock ID (string) is uniquely identified for any transaction.

    For example:
    Stock Date Qty Selling Price Cost Price (Excel Custom Function to determine the Cost or VBA code to look for the cost?) Selling Price
    Stock 1 20-Nov-16 70 $ 110 ?? ----Answer based on FIFO: $70 $40
    Stock 1 21-Nov-16 40 $ 100 ??-----Answer based on FIFO: $70 $30

    Stock PurchaseDate Qty Cost Price Remaining Stock
    Stock 1 01-Nov-16 120 $ 70 ??
    Stock 1 02-Nov-16 100 $ 80 ??

    Greatly, appreciate your help.


    Re: FIFO calculation

    Hi Ramesh,
    Did you manage to find the solution to your issue? I am also looking for a solution for a similar requirement.


    Re: Send Each Row Every Day On A Specified Time

    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Thanks for taking time to reply to my post.

    I am using Microsoft Excel 2003. The option is already checked and when I have added the lines of code you mentioned it gave the compile error: "User-defined type not defined".

    Am I missing anything else..?

    Re: Send Each Row Every Day On A Specified Time

    Hi Dave,

    You got it right.!
    I just copied those lines of code from the link which you have mentioned and it's been some couple of years since I have looked at some vb code.

    But, still the old problem remains, where if I replace 'Display' with 'Send', run time error is shown up.

    Thanks for your time.

    HI VBA Noob,
    Thanks for your reply. I have used the correct macro name.

    Re: Send Each Row Every Day On A Specified Time

    Thanks for your reply Dave.

      TimeValue ("02:00:00"), "My Macro"

    I have added the above lines of code in my macro and the Compiler error shows 'Argument not optional'.

    Below line of code in the Workbook open event

    Application.OnTime TimeValue("02:00:00"), "My Macro"

    Kindly suggest where I am going wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

    HI Experts,

    I have a small requirement.

    I want send the each row every day on a specified time. For instance, I will send row1, today at 2.00 AM and row2 tomorrow at 2.00 AM and row the subsequent day day at 2.00 AM etc.,

    When I tried this code, it is giving Run time error message "Outlook does not recognize one or more names". I am not sure what am I missing here. Instead, if I use .Display in place of .Send it is composing the mail with correct values (including the delivery time).

    Also is it possible that, every day mail is sent automatically, instead of I running the Vb code manually...?!

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Excel Gurus,

    Is it possible to build a formula to get the last friday date of every month? Last Friday of every month is the period close for us in financial perspective and so is the need.

    Hope the issue is clear enough.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Negative values and leading zeros

    Hi Seti,

    Thanks. Your formula is working fine.

    Can't we make the code which you have given to refer to the selection instead of Column 'A', as it is in your current code.

    Sorry, lost touch with's been a long time...


    Hi Excel guru's,

    I am stuck...really stuck. Your help will be greately appreciated.

    One excel file which I have been using since long time in my company, has some macros built into it. Suddenly it started giving this error...and to my dismay I found that the VB project is also protected. It was created by some company employee who is no more with the companyt.

    Any of you kindly unprotect this project and help in resolving the bug....

    Please help I need to deliver the drawing very urgently....Plsss help.

    Given the size of the file am not able to upload the same here. If you any of you interested in looking into this, I can forward the file to your personal email.

    Any help will be greately appreciated....

    Thanks in advance...

    Warm Regards,

    Re: sheet reference in formulas

    Ummm.. refering a sheet by other than the Sheet name, I don't think it's possible..

    Well, what do you want to achieve, by this, prolly some altenatives can be suggested..