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    Re: Excel 2000
    Using a worksheet based continuous/rolling scheduling tool with date & time format in column A, sequencing down the sheet in 1/2 hour increments. Schedule is frequently reset or updated by entering current reset time at the top of worksheet and simple formulas in the column A cells to reset the time increments (24 hour clock) and change date accordingly (at 00:00). Active data on 500 to 1,000 rows in worksheet.

    Want to auto color fill cells in the row where date change occurs (say, 12 columns to the right) to visually segregate calendar days. The next time the schedule is reset, the date changes will occur on different rows and color fill must be updated accordingly. So, the previous date change row reverts to no fill and the new date change row is color filled.

    Conditional Formatting (CF) appears to be the correct feature but I cannot seem to get it right.

    Partial example:
    12/11/04 23:00
    12/11/04 23:30
    12/12/04 00:00 (need to color this row 12 cells to right)
    12/12/04 00:30
    12/12/04 01:00