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    Hi all

    I recorded some code and cleaned it up to apply a conditional format

    I would like to apply a custom color index to all cells in range C4:P52 if the value is less than zero.

    But when I execute the macro, many cells receive the custom format that do notr match the custom format. Other cells that should receive the custom format do not

    What am I doing wrong?


    Hi all -

    What would be the correct syntax to convert this sumproduct formula to a dsum formula
    I can't seem to find any examples that match my exact need


    Thanks much

    Re: Run Custom Views From Worksheet`

    Thanks Dave -

    I would like to give a drop down or other to the user to select the custom view
    There are 7 to choose from

    • I selected a view from the custom view command button/drop down
    • I added your code to a new button
    • Seems to return the full view of the data which is also defined as a custom view and appears first in the custom view command list

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi all -

    I setup custom views for my worksheet
    I dragged the custom view command to my menu bar
    Everything works great on my machine

    But I would like to send to other users and for them to be able to use the custom views w/o having to help them setup on the menu bar

    Plus I've had problems in past where custom view tool is not persistent on the menu bar
    Sometimes there, sometimes not

    Is there a way to add to say cell A1 on the worksheet instead?
    I tried dragging it there, but no luck.

    Otherwise, is there a simple way to emulate the same functionality?


    Re: Table Of Contents With Hyperlinks

    Thanks all.
    Appreciate all of the replies.

    XLScottW's reply did the job nicely after I removed spaces from the tab names.

    For example:
    Customer Analysis returned the error message
    But Customer_Analysis works as expected


    Hi all -

    I am attempting to build a table of contents and add hyperlink to each entry
    as suggested by jabax

    The TOC is constructed properly, but when I click on the hyperlink I receive an error message:
    "Reference is not valid"

    My code (courtesy Jabax):


    Re: Pass A Named Range To Another Range

    Thanks shg
    That did it

    Raised a new error though:

    PrintIt (rngPrint)


    Run time error '424'
    Object required

    PrintIt is a subroutine where I am trying to pass the range to


    Hi all -

    In my code, I add a name

    Names.Add Name:="rngPrntMick", RefersTo:="=Market!$E$2:$N$242"

    I then try to assing the named range to another range

    Set rngPrint = rngPrntMick

    It is on this line execution stops and I receive error:


    'Run time 44':
    Object Required

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong
    Any advice?
    Full code below

    Hi all
    I have my cell setup as fraction format

    I was able to get 4/3 to display as 4/3 instead of 1 1/3 by changing custom format to ?/? no leading space from # ?/?

    However when I enter 3/3, the display is 1/1
    Is there a way to display as 3/3?
    Must be a number, it is used in mathematical operations


    Hi all

    I have Report Manager all setup
    1 Custom View per worksheet
    No scenarios
    I selected pdf995 as my default printer

    I printed the report
    A few issues
    Each is created as a separate print job (should be 50)
    I would prefer 1 print job

    The pages are out of order or don't print at all
    I reviewed "Sections In This Report" and everything is in correct order

    18 items are listed, but only 9 printed
    Any ideas? Or other workarounds?


    Re: Header Via Vba With 3 Lines

    Thanks Roy

    Really great stuff
    Nice that each item in a separate cell since items 1 and 2 are repetitive and 3 and 4 are unique

    Thanks for the great help!

    Re: Header Via Vba With 3 Lines

    There are at least 52 pages in the report, possibly more.
    Each with unique header
    I would like to read the header from a print setup sheet beginning at cell D2 and down until no more Custom Views to be printed


    Hi all

    I manually added a center header to my report that take 4 lines
    So I would like to repeat this using vba

    Line1: Looney Tunes, Inc.
    Line2: Bugs Bunny Subsidiaries, Inc.
    Line3: Consolidated Rollup
    Line4: FY 2007

    Furthermore, I would like to read this from cell(s) as at least a 52 page report
    and lastly I would like to alternate font sizes

    Line1: 18 pt
    Line2: 18 pt
    Line3: 16 pt
    Line4: 14 pt

    Has anyone seen anything like this or have some pointers?

    Hi all

    I am trying to copy a worksheet in my workbook many time inside the same workbook

    I currently have 56 worksheets

    I tried copying the source worksheet again and designating where the copy should be placed. But no copy is created.

    No error messages are received
    File is 7.8MB

    So far, 15 copies of the sheet
    I tried renaming a resultant copy and copying that

    Still no duplicate is provided

    Any ideas?
    Everything I've read, worksheet count seems to be rather limitless


    Re: Temporary File Is Lost

    All -

    I was able to resolve, but not by searching the HD.
    The temp file was stored in this location

    C:\Documents and Settings\SnydeW01\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Olk17\.....
    But when I try to navigate the path, the Olk17 folder cannot be found
    I can only guess that since I am not admin on the laptop that Ido not have rights

    To work around, I opened another excel attachment in outlook
    I then clicked open and the Olk17 was the default path

    Opened my file and resaved somewhere that I could use it.