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    My first post on here was answered so quickly with a very useful sub so i thought i'd see if anyone can help with another problem im having.

    I am trying to do the following:

    I am trying to write a sub that will
    look at 'Client' column "A" and then search 'Carer' column "A" for the same value. If it finds the same value i want it to copy this value in 'Carer' column "D" (for the row that the searched for value exist on) and paste this into Client column "C" (in the row that the searched for value exists in)

    I then need it to repeat this procedure for 'Client' cells 'A3', 'A4' etc until the end is reached.

    I found it difficult to explain exactly what i want to do here so if this is not clear to you please ask me to elaborate on any area of my query.

    Re: Find and replace query

    I have been using the CTRL+F method previously but have recently been on a VBA course and wanted to try to continue using VBA outside of the course.

    I have to do this task (i.e problem in my original post) on a weekly basis and would like to automate the process.

    I would appreciate any further help with this.

    I have a large data table that contains a column indicating a persons age banding, the bandings are displayed as:
    1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    I want to write a sub to select column D (the age banding column) then to check the value in cell D2 and if value = 1 then replace value with text "Under 18"
    if value = 2 then replace with 18-64, if value = 3 then replace with 65-74, if value = 4 then replace with 75+, and if value = 5 then replace with age unknown.

    Once the sub has checked replaced cell D2 i want it to do the same for cell D3 and D4 etc until the end of the database (row 1600)

    I know this shouldnt be too dificult to do but im new to VBA and need some help, so far my (incorrectly syntaxed) sub looks like this: