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    Re: Passing variables


    Thanks for that, both solutions seem to work a dream, so simple when you know how...

    Once again many thanks.


    Good morning all,

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to pass variables between workbooks. What I need to do is...

    I have a workbook that when a link is clicked opens up another workbook and goes to a specific sheet, however I want to be able to hide all the other sheets. The only way I can think of doing this is by passing somesort of variable to the new workbook so that it knows which sheet not to hide.

    Many thanks for your assistance.


    Re: Cannot Hide sheets

    Thanks for the response...

    I have found my problem, the Workbook is protected, so although I can make changes to the worksheets data, formula and VB code, I can't hide worksheets.

    Thanks again.


    I have a simple query...

    I am working on a workbook and need to hide some sheets, however if I go to FORMAT - SHEET the 'hide' facility is greyed out. There is no protection on the workbook that I can see and I can hide columns, rows or cells, just not sheets. Why would this be?