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    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to diplay the first row as the column heads but instead listbox displays Column A, Column B etc. Probably it has an easy trick to do but I have been struggling for long.
    Would you help me to verify what is wrong with the below code?

    Dim rng
    Set rng = Sheets("Task_List").Range("a1:f5")
        With ListBox1
            .RowSource = rng.Address
            .ColumnHeads = True
            .ColumnWidths = ";0 pt;"
        End With

    Hi Everyone,
    I had lots of help over years, so thanks to all contributers, I am trying to feed the forum back in these days;
    Below small piece of code does not work, any idea?

    MsgBox Evaluate("=CountA(SourceWB.Worksheets(1).range(""B:B""))")

    neither this;

    MsgBox Evaluate("=CountA(SourceWB.Worksheets(1).range("B:B"))")

    Re: How to run SQL SELECT from VBA and display the results in the simplest way

    This code gets data from another excel file and put it into a userform which has a listbox "lisxbox1"; treat this as a starter not an expert code piece ..