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    I have a workbook that allows employees to enter a range of sizes ("casepack") and they can then assign the number of units per size. They can have up to 6 "casepacks" per workbook.

    For example, in Rows 2-7 they can name their casepack a letter (A through F) and then assign sizes in those rows.
    In Rows 10 through 103 they can enter the number of units per size they wish to order.
    On a different worksheet, I want to total all the units by size.

    I've attached the workbook to clarify. I'm rather stumped. Any help would be appreciated. A formula or macro would help.

    Hi ~

    I'd appreciate any help. I have a spreadsheet that has the number of used books in column A and the number of new books in column B.

    We've determined that it takes about 90 seconds to prepare a book to be put on the shelves.

    I want to find out how many hours and minutes (don't care about seconds) it would take to process the books.

    Here's an emample. I've also attached a spreadsheet so you can see that my formula doesn't seem to work correctly. I would appreciate ANY help since I'm kind of at my wit's end. I'm using Excel 2003.

    # Used Books# New BooksHours/Minutes for UsedHours/Minutes for New
    3,915566The formula I have in here is "=IF(A2=0,"",((A2)*90)/(60*60*24))"The formula I have in here is "=IF(B2=0,"",((B2)*90)/(60*60*24))"