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    Re: Allocate points from 0-100 based on value

    Thank you for your answer.
    It's not working exactly like was my intention, but maybe I was not clear enough :) For example if we have a Supplier D with e.g. 750 items, then this supplier should get a score between 0-100 proportionally.

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    I have a count on the number of supplier items. I have to give the supplier points from 0-100, where a low number of items means higher points and a high number of items means a low score. The min. value of items is 1 and the max. value is 3.000.


    Supplier A: 1 items (100 points)
    Supplier B: 3.000 items (0 points)
    Supplier C: 5.000 items (0 points).

    Maybe someone can help me.

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    I have af spreadsheet with over 200.000 rows and 164 columns. I need to export/save this spreadsheet as a *.csv file with the text qualifier "text " and delimiter ;.

    I would like to achieve this result.

    Leverandørnavn;Leverandør-ID;CVR;Leverandør binavn;Katalognavn;Kontraktoplysninger;Leverandørdelnummer
    "OneMed A/S";"9000026";"DK19846679";"";"";"";"940383";

    How can I achieve this result?

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    I am using Cells.Copy to populate a sheet with data from a newly opened source sheet. This method is convenient (as opposed to Sheets.Copy), because the target project contain formulas referring to the specific target sheet.
    The source file is an Excel output from SAP/SRM system. With two identical versions of the same source file, excel will crash during cells.copy on the first version but carry out the method without crashing on the second.
    This pattern seem to be consistent with observations of the Excel service pack update SP2 = version 14.0.7015.1000. (Previous SP Version 14.0.60291000 does not crash during this process).
    The contents of both sheets are identical. One curious difference however, is that .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell) on the file crashing is AZ324 but IO324 on the file not causing the crash. There is no apparent reason for this difference. The source file can be significantly larger, however this as not influence.
    The VBA causing this crash is


    Both of which have been set as worksheets using set statement.

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    I have a catalogue with duplicates. The duplicates are identified based on three criterias Item number (must be different from), Short_description (duplicated) and Long_description (dupliacted).
    So if I have the following records I will consider only record 1-4 as duplicates.

    Record;Item number;Short_description;Long_description

    1;mbp-6308;0,2 ml PCR Tube, Hotstart, w/wax bead, N;0,2 ml PCR Tube, Hotstart, w/wax bead, NS 480 tubes/pack, 6 packs/Cs;
    2;mbp-6310;0,2 ml PCR Tube, Hotstart, w/wax bead, N;0,2 ml PCR Tube, Hotstart, w/wax bead, NS 480 tubes/pack, 6 packs/Cs;
    3;C-PICS-301J;1-L silicone PICC 3 FR;;
    4;PICS-301-MPIS;1-L silicone PICC 3 FR;;
    5;IS-6010;(CCS) Cartridge Check System;;
    6;IS-6010;(CCS) Cartridge Check System;;
    7;IS-6010;(CCS) Cartridge Check System;;

    Can this be solved with the SUMPRODUCT function like =SUMPRODUCT(($C$2:$C$7=C2)*($D$2:$D$7=D2)*($B$2:$B$7<>B2))?

    Thanks in advance.