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    Re: Cell's Locked property:Diff. between 97/2000 and 2002

    Thanks for reply.

    Then the user will be able to enter any data into those cells which we don't want. We want it in a way the users should be allowed to select an item from drop-drown list only. He/she should not be allowed to enter text directly.

    Re: Word VBA - if function and form fields.

    Hi Nathan,

    Don't get fired on Word (just kidding).

    There is a way to do all your stuff. Just use the FormFields collection instead of Bookmarks collection. That's all, Your work will be done.

    Replace the code (ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Text94").Value) with ActiveDocument.FormFields("Text94").Result.

    If you have any problem reply back.


    Hi all

    Can anybody has an Idea on this problem?

    I have developed a template in Excel 2000. This template allows us to enter validated data. 1st column cells don't allow custom entry, it allows to select an item from a predefined list (I achieved this using data validation - list). 2nd column allows custom entry.

    This template worked perfectly in Excel 2000. But when I tried to use the same template in Excel 2002, in 1st column cell when I select an item from list, it is giving error "The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only."

    I locked all the cells in worksheet and protected the worksheet. This locked property behaviour is changed from 2000 to 2002. Now how can I make my template work in 2002.

    Thanks in advance...