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    Good day,
    I am looking for a formula that automatically deducts a value from one cell and adds that same value to another one. I have attached a sample file for this:
    What I would like to do is create a formula on the SUMMARY sheet in B3 that does the following:
    If the Product = Apples (sheet DETAILS, A2) and are Grade A (sheet DETAILS, B2) then deduct the amount (sheet DETAILS, C2) from B3 (sheet SUMMARY, B3) so it turns into a negative value and I want to add the value into E3 (sheet SUMMARY) as a positive value. In my case it would show -10 in B3 and +10 in E3.
    How would this formula change if I wanted to add a 3rd condition to it:
    The positive value should go into E3 (as above) if the product = Apples AND grade = A AND status = ordered
    It would be great if someone could help me and show me both cases (2 and 3 conditions).
    Thank you so much for looking into this, I really appreciate your time & assistance.

    Good afternoon,
    I have been searching all over the place, but I haven't found the exact answer to my problem. Here it is: I am trying to create a form that allows me to select a department in one Drop Down box and then, based on that value, another Drop Down Menu will only contain the jobs for that particular department I selected in the first Drop Down Menu. I have attached a file that will hopefully show what I mean (in this example, B2 contains the Drop Down Menu with all the Departments, in E2 I want a Drop Down Menu with the values that are based on the value in B2).
    I tried using Data Validation, but I have about 30 Departments, so that doesn't work anymore. Any other suggestions? I cannot use UserForms because it is supposed to be a form that will be printed after everything has been completed on it.

    Any help will be highly appreciated!! I am hopeful to find the solution to my problem here because I have found plenty for other questions I had so far! Thank you in advance for your assistance.