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    Re: Vlookup List errors

    Are you sure your named range: "AllData" captures all the 1500 rows? You might want to use Dynamic Named Ranges in order to make sure you always capture the data if you are adding data to that list.

    Re: Using a Template

    Yes. THanks. Apparently I DID NOT save the .dot file in the correct directory as stated above!!!

    Whenever I tried to use FILE - NEW and looked for it, the template was not there. So I searched for the file and it was saved in a different template directory.

    I downloaded a template as a zip file, extracted the .dot file into the template folder as noted in Options - File Locations - User Templates.

    Now, how do I use this template on a new document?

    I tried opening the .dot file but now it won't save as a .doc file. It only gives me an option to save as a .dot file.

    The file I saved is from: called Simply Screenplay.