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    Hi All

    i am facing a strange problem, the below code works fine in one computer and gives error in another computer.

    Both the computers have EXCEL 2007, both have installed the OBIEE office feature in the computer.

    Set cbTaskPane = Application.CommandBars("Oracle BI EE")
    cbTaskPane.Controls("Refresh &All").Execute

    do you know what we are missing,


    hi geeks

    i have a text file with 500,000 lines about 240 MB

    i already have a macro to read thru the text file and filter (OPEN, READ, CLOSE). It takes lot of time to process.

    I go to the text file for 10,000 times to fetch data.

    is there any alternates and utilities to fasten this process


    Re: encountered a ....... and needs to close

    this is the function code

    there was no error untill i protected the sheet by locking the cells which have the formula "=+DCVAL($B$16,B49,C49,D49,E49)"

    if i change anything in cell c49, the error occurs
    c49 has a validation list

    dear techies

    the following error occurs when worksheet_change() event is triggered from a particular cells

    "microsoft office excel has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    we are sorry for the inconvenience"

    that particular cell has link to a private FUNCTION created by me

    if u want the file i can send thru pm

    pls help me


    Dear Techies

    the below code is not hidding and unhidding row
    event enters the if condition and executes the code

    Re: various versions of MSOUT.olb

    hi roy,

    i m using the below code and add reference to outlook 11.0 library and send it across to my users sitting in different versions of excel ranging from 97/2003. users having outlook library version below 11.0/10.0 have object reference error.

    so i have to manually ask them to add references