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    Query Wizard is driving me [COLOR="Red"]nuts[/COLOR]. :confused: When I go in to alter my queries in Excel, I just want to go straight to MS Query, not mess around with the Wizard. Is there a way to turn the stupid thing off so it won't pop up every time I have to make changes? Sorry if this is something incredibly easy, but I can't seem to find anything relevent in Excel's Help menus.


    How do I get Excel to remember the settings I enter in the Subtotals window? I have dozens of reports that I go through and refresh data from Microsoft Query on a weekly basis. When I go to restore my subtotals (through the ‘Data’…’Subtotals’ menu), it never defaults to the previous for ‘At each change in’, ‘Use function’, and ‘Add subtotal to’ fields. This is a minor time-consuming nuisance, but I sure would be grateful for any suggestions.


    I need some assistance in making my life a LOT easier! I key in dates a great deal and would prefer not to mess with "/". Can someone point me to an easy way to modify my spreadsheet where I can set it up and type in dates in a format like "080804" and get Excel to recognize it as a "8/8/04"? It thinks I want to use a serial date and tells me my date is in the year 2121.

    Thanks for any assistance!