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    Dear Excel forum,

    Need help for following:-

    Data for once source
    Column A shipping container numbers (alpha & numerical)
    Column B the container size code
    Column C relevant date of arrival

    Data from another source
    Column D shipping container numbers (alpha & numerical)
    Column E the container size code
    Column F relevant date of shipment

    What I want is:
    If Column A containers match with Column B containers
    Then in Column G the containers that matched and Column H the container size code
    Column I the date of arrival
    Column J the date of shipment

    Vlookup seem to be an answer, but can’t get it to work.
    I am not good in VB, so may be formulas would be better
    Named range and IF & Match FORMULA may be?!!
    The list will be approximately 20,000 numbers long.

    Have attached the sample file.

    Kindly assist.

    Thanks & B.Rgds

    Dear EXCEL forum,

    I wonder anyone can help me to format cells with "lakh" separator.
    Excel allows only thousand's separator.
    The other option is to make the changes in the regional settings... which will
    affect all other application.

    Thanks in advnace for your assistance.

    B.Rgds/Krishnan Kutty

    Dear Excel forum,

    Can someone help me in SUMIF with more than 2 condition?
    Know that nested formula can be a solution but how to get about it.
    I have a database with more than 13 named columns and would like
    to make a formula to SUMIF if multiple conditions are met.
    eg: =sumif(Ship,"PRIMA",PortLoad,"NYC",Portdisch,"SIN",Box20ft)
    However sumif is limited to only 1 condition and presently I can get
    only SUMIF(Ship,"PRIMA",Box20ft)
    Would be really grateful if someone could help me.