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  • Hey Alan,

    I recently saw your comment on copy and pasting rows based off of specific criteria back in 2018 (sorry long time ago). For reference:

    I'm very new to Macros and want to write one to copy and paste columns DB:DJ and EM:EX on sheet1 (Origin) to Columns AM:BG on sheet 2 (Destination) as long as the value in column L on Sheet1 matches Column M on sheet 2. Basically if the cell value matches both sheets the row from sheet 1 that matches the cell will copy the columns above to sheet 2 in the matching cell columns above.

    Would this be something you could help me out with? I was trying to take the columns based off of how far away they were from Column L on Sheet1 and Column M on sheets 2.

    So far I have below: I'm probably way off so any help is much appreciated!

    Please feel free to message me with any questions.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Alan, I'm not familiar with everything about this forum's interface. I see in this thread you tagged it as a cross-post. But I do not see a link to the cross-post anywhere. What am I missing?

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