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  • Ciao Vittorio

    long time no see .

    Hope you are well? Has your son got into a boxing career in the end :-)) ?

    (I'm AKA as arthurbr)


    • Ciao Arthurbr,

      I am doing okay. Thank you. I am busy at work these days, even though I am working from home. My son is not taking up boxing - you still remember that picture. He is a lot bigger now ;) He is a basketball lover.

      I hope you are doing well yourself and your family. I haven't heard too much of Belgium in the news. Hope the Covid 19 is controlled there.

    • Ha well, it's not really under control as our country is an institutional mess ( I won't go in to details).

      However the hospitals are holding out and medical staff is doing a tremendous job.

      BTW, is there a PM functionality on this forum?

      I have a question about the web scraping rule for a Mod or Admin


    • It should be the "Conversation" tool at top right next to the search icon.