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  • Hello Sir,

    I did some conditional formatting on a spreadsheet that I am creating based on an ODBC connection to my QuickBooks data.

    I would like to set conditional formatting so the background color of a row of data turns different colors depending on the date of column C (when the order was placed.) The older the date the redder the color, or maybe a set color for each option.

    For example, we have orders from customers and I need to highlight in contrasting color orders older than 2 days with color, 3-4 days a different color, 5 days an older a highlight yellow. I like to have a border of a contrasting color with the background being another color.

    I would appreciate your assistance.

    Thank you.

    • Post to the forum and PM the link to me if you get no response. I visit the forum more than once per day usually.

  • Greetings SIr,

    i need your support on below subject

    i have a document control log where i have first column comprised on submittal numbers , by using the same submittal numbers i have created all folders in share drive and paste relevant files there,

    i use to create hyper link on 1st column manually because link location does not change by scrolling it down to more rows.

    i need your support if there is any way by use of vba that use the submittal name as link on 1st column with the same location from share drive.

    i hope you will help me out

    • Post to the forum and PM me if you get no response. I visit the forum more than once per day usually.

  • I had so much extra time thanks to your awesome code that I joined this forum just to tell you how awesome you are. Thanks!