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  • John, (Excel string search in a PDF)

    I've seen your work on a couple of forums. I have a need to do multiple searches of text strings(unique names) in an excel spreadsheet for an entire column. Currently, I select the cell, copy the contents of the cell into the “acrobat find” window and search. Once I find it, I do some quick analysis then repeat.

    Can a vba script be written so that, copy the cell(G3), paste in the PDF find window, search's. Once found and analyzed, I repeat by going back to excel, copying cell(G4) paste to PDF window and hit the search button. I have to do this up to 1500 times for each document I analyze. I would like a script where I hit ctrl-z, it automatically goes to the next cell down and copies the unique name to "find Acrobat" window and does the search, presenting the PDF page. (saving multiple keystrokes and errors.)

    I will have both excel and the pdf active on my desktop because I analyze each page found.



  • Hello Mr.John,

    Good day,

    I'm new here and posted full thread


    VERTICAL Sorting Order for SUB-FOLDERS

    I’m trying to sort out your VBA code that is working in VERTICAL Sorting Order of SUB-FOLDERS

    Please help me to work this VBA code to work in HORIZONTAL Sorting Order of SUB-FOLDERS. I attached two photos please someone help me I really appreciate your great efforts and time.

    Thank You Sir John,

    VBA code

    Public Sub Hierarchical_Folders_and_Files_Listing2()

    Dim startFolderPath As String

    Dim startCell As Range

    Dim n As Long

    startFolderPath = "Z:\Central Region (Riyadh)"

    With Sheets("Sheet1")



    Set startCell = .Range("A1")

    End With

    n = List_Folders_and_Files2(startFolderPath, startCell)

    End Sub

    Private Function List_Folders_and_Files2(folderPath As String, destCell As Range) As Long

    Static FSO As Object

    Dim thisFolder As Object, subfolder As Object

    Dim fileItem As Object

    Dim n As Long

    If FSO Is Nothing Then Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    Set thisFolder = FSO.GetFolder(folderPath)

    'Add hyperlink for this folder

    destCell.Parent.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=destCell, Address:=thisFolder.Path, TextToDisplay:=thisFolder.Name

    'List subfolders in this folder

    n = 0

    For Each subfolder In thisFolder.Subfolders

    n = n + 1 + List_Folders_and_Files2(subfolder.Path, destCell.Offset(n + 1, 1))


    List_Folders_and_Files2 = n

    End Function