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  • i have made delivery order user form

    my data save in sheets "dodata"

    start no in a3

    and my textbox1 is no in user form

    i need code for next number

    can any 1 help

  • i have made payment reminer userform

    textbox1 is current date

    textbox2 is credit of 10 days

    textbox3 ("i need auto due date")

    ineed code for same

  • User MandyRead is working on behalf of the forum owners. No need to report her posts, but thanks. :)

  • good day !
    Can you help me with something regarding vba

    i would like to activate another window which i opened using a code , as i open different files , i would like to activate a particular file and edit something , but i dont know the file name as it chages time to time.

    • Start a thread in the VBA forum ... I may have time to look at it, but there will be others providing advice there too.

  • Thanks Glenn all working ok now, you stayed with me for many hours to get this code to work and it now works great I can not thank you enough I was pulling my hair out you are a real star

    thanks again