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  • Hey Will

    Sry for interrupting you, but i have an Access problem similar to one you have comment on: How to do the sumif formula in Access?

    My problem is to sumif in Access given this data

    Field name: Knude.Knudenavn Knude_1.Knudenavn Befareal

    26111601 26111551 0,3009
    26111551 26111501 0,0576
    26111501 26111401 0,0333

    26111401 26111161 0,0297

    I have kinda the same problem. I would like to sum Befareal with sumif Knude.Knudenavn and Knude_1.Knudenavn . For example, I want to sum 26111551(0,3009) with 26111551(0,0576) so the sum of Befareal is first line 0,3009, second line 0,3009+0,0576 and so on. It needs to trace the numbers that are similar and sum Befareal. It is used for a pipesystem, that are not linear. I hope it makes sense and you can help med :).

    Best regard