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  • Dear Sktneer

    I have a small issue concerning how to write the code in excel VBA userform to exclude saterday, sunday and sometimes holidays when i want the difference from start_date and end_date

    I hope that someone can help me

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi there, How are you doing? I need some help, please. I receive various email addresses in excel, in the same workbook in a sheet called Mail by manual input from various users, which I then use the specific email address received to send a letter via outlook to the customer linked to the email address entered by the requesting user. To prevent the duplication of using the same email address again if a user makes a mistake to load the same email address in the excel sheet called Mail, a few days later and or at any given point, when the email address was already used by me to send a letter to the client, I need some sort of database and or VBA code and or process to validate the new email address as it arrives in the excel sheet called Mail, input by various users, to automatically see whether it was already used to send a mail to a customer or not. If the email address was already used it must reject it and move it to a rejection list in the same workbook on a sheet called Reject and if not used before it must move it to an awaiting email sheet in the same workbook called Await. Please help.Much appreciated.Thank you .W

    • Hi Smith,

      It is doable with the VBA code. Is it a paid job i.e. are you willing to pay for the work?

  • Hi there, I need help please to automate a small process. I have an excel spreadsheet called “email request” that users complete by random an email address on it in cell A1. Once completed I need VBA code to send a pre-generated email that I saved on my desktop as an .oft file to the email address entered in the excel sheet via outlook. Once sent the VBA code must then move the email address entered into cell A1 to a “backup sheet so that the next user can use the process again. Any help please? Thanks