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  • Hi, I am looking for a solution to an issue I am having and saw you are quite active. I am now wondering if what I am asking is even possible. It may be something like the issue is far to complicated or far to simply to be resolved. I am just looking for a way to keep a macro limited to one open workbook while other workbooks are open and my experience with macros is extremely limited. I hope reaching out directly to you is OK, if not I apologize.

  • Hi Carim, I've just simulated 100 drawings and got many blanks. Can I resend for you to look at?

  • ;)

  • Carim,

    I am having issues with a workbook that you and others have helped me with in the past. I do not expect you to remember, but if you could take a look. I would appreciate it!

    VBA - Sorting Formula has stopped working

  • Big Fan of Carim...

  • One last query for today, Carim. Please share your thoughts..

    Edit Base data from another sheet

  • Hey Carim,

    Hope you're doing good. I'm looking for a VBA code. Could you please help?

    Input Sheet:

    Output Sheet:

    IP( Header)FP( Header) QP( Header)
    CH YT 1
    JA TR 2
    IP(Header)FP(Header) QP(Header)
    CH YT 1
    CH YT 2
    CH TR 1
    CH TR 2
    JA YT 1
    JA YT 2

    How to implement this logic through vba. Please guide me.

    • Just answered you back in the Forum ....

    • You're Brilliant carim.. God bless you!!!

  • Carim, Please find the thread link below.

    VBA code for exact and closely matching text

  • Hi Carim

    Could you please help me out here? Please!!

  • Cheers!

  • Another daft question but here goes!

    You helped me just now solve my problem (big thanks) but I can't see how to mark your answer as solution and/or mark thread as resolved. Can you advise?


    • Not only you have already thanked me but you have also added a Thumbs Up :thumbup:...

      which very kind of you ...

      You cannot imagine the number of participants who " run away " with a solution without a single word of feedback ... !!!

      Have added the mark thread solved ...( which is located just below the Title )

      Hope to see around ...

      Take care


  • Carim,

    I saw a post on jan 22 2020 aboout Date pickers. i am wanting to use one of the 2 examples you suggested but im not sure how to get them to work in a userform. Please help me if you can. What i want it to do is default to the current date when i open the userform.


  • Hi Carim

    Plz help me to correct approach


    I want B1 cell value in C1(i.e formula cell)

    • Hello,

      Best is to post directly in Forum ...

      You can test : =IF(D1="Approved";B1;IF(D1="Sold";0;"-"))

      Hope this will help

  • Hi Carim,

    WOuld you be able to look at post again. I have further questions to link the excel to ppt

    Many Thanks

  • Hide/Unhide range of rows based on dropdown in protected sheet

    -The code below works once (doesn't toggle). I want cells 11:14 to hide when value of C1 = PPP-DRAW 1; and unhide when C1 =PPP-Draw 2


    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

    If Intersect(Target, Range("C1")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

    Me.Protect "PPPBKU", UserInterfaceOnly:=True

    Rows("11:14").Hidden = (Target <> "PPP-DRAW 1")

    End Sub

  • Hello there any chance you remember doing this??

    Copy sheet and rename from a list, ignore duplicates

    I am desperate and have been looking around everywhere for a solution to my very similar problem and you might be my only hope! I am going to message the thread for the specifics. Thank you in advance for any support you could provide!

  • Hi Carim

    Just wanted to thank you for your prompt response. I didnt see a "thumbs up" like on the other two answers but nevertheless ................... thank you

  • Hi Carim

    Thanks for replying i forwarded with complete details in excel sheet.

    Range is selected cells or at the end of table or we can fixed with A1:T20 (20R X 20C)

    You can fixed at A21 as resulted row...

    Please help me in this regards .........

    • Thanks for posting all your messages in the Forum ...

    • Thanks for your prompt response and please check this query and do the needful and am very thankful for your work ...


  • Hi,

    Could you please check my issue which is already posted in the forum.

    Subject : Excel VBA – Copy or Move files from one folder to another


    Please do the needful am very thankful to you.....

  • Hi There,

    Anyone can please help me on selecting the Titus Classification(Comm Addin) using a VBA, and when i tried using the sendkeys it didnt work.

    when the macro is running to select any option in the classification using send keys, the options are acyually invisible in the Command bar.

    Am struggling from 1 week just scratching my head to find a resolution for this one.:(:(

    Please help me out, Thanks in Advance...!!!:):)

  • Thank you for the kind words. :)

    • More than well deserved ...!!!

  • Hi Carim,

    Can you help me with my code. I"m having trouble writing the time out portion.

    I have a time in and time out.

    The time out portion: I want to be able to have multiple session of time in and out for same employee and Job specific. I can only do for single time out for same day. i don't know how to code it so it can accept new time out to another cell without overwrite previous session. I have the sample file in the Excel vba request for help. Please help me. Kind regards.

    • Hi,

      You should be posting your question in the Forum

      This would allow ALL the participants to help you out ...!!!