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  • Hello, glad to see you again. It's good to see you online once more.

  • Hi KjBox,

    Hope you are doing great, need you help on:

    Filter column based on customer name and send their data as an email to each individual in one click using button.

    • Problem:
    1. I have to select name one by one and click on email now button so email get generate.
    2. while converting sheet as PDF, all the columns in not fitting in one PDF page , spltting in 2 pages and row height is getting messed up.
  • Can I share the file here where just one line of code needs editing. ?

  • Hi Kj/box. Are you online ?

  • Hi KbBox , how are you ,,,, need your help to solve a small junk

  • Hello, I hope all is good for you. You have helped so much in the past in the hire help section, I have another post there. Are you able accept it? I hope so, Please let me know


  • Hi are you there?

  • hi buddy, need a help

  • Hi.

    I am just joined the forum. Can you kindly let me know how to start a thread about a problem I have?


  • Just needing to know how to submit a new post???

  • This mate is a Wizard with the lines!!!

  • Hi I trust you and your Family are keeping well

    I tried to send something on Whats app but it needed a code from you now.

  • Hi Charles

    How are you and your Family going keeping well I trust ?????

    • All good here,thanks. Hope the same for you.

  • hello Charles, hope you are well.

  • KjBox is excellent......has helped me so much with VBA codes. A real expert. Thanks for everything.

    • Hi,

      in this code, i would like the data to paste in Values Format .this code copy formulas on destination sheet. i want to copy only values not formula. Could you please help me on this.

      Thanks in advance

      Sub CopySelectedRows()

      Dim rCopy As Range

      Dim lAreas As Long

      On Error Resume Next

      Set rCopy = Application.InputBox("Select Rows to copy. " _

      & "Use Ctrl for non-contiguous rows", "COPY ROWS", Selection.Address, , , , , 8)

      On Error GoTo 0

      If rCopy Is Nothing Then Exit Sub 'Hit Cancel

      If rCopy.Columns.Count <> Columns.Count Then

      MsgBox "Please select entire row(s)"

      Run "CopySelectedRows"


      For lAreas = 1 To rCopy.Areas.Count

      rCopy.Areas(lAreas).Copy Sheet18.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)(2, 1)

      Next lAreas

      End If

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    • Please post your question in the Excel/VBA Forum, ideally with your workbook attached and a sheet added that shows your desired result.