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  • Hello Roy!! How r u doing??
    I'd appreciate VERY VERY much if you can help me with a Excel workbook (you already answered me before)!
    It's an emergency!

    Thank you!!!!

  • Hi Roy

    Please ignore my previous request.

    I found another link that I was able to download.

    Thks mate!



  • Hello Roy

    I came across this 2013 thread

    to which you had responded as follows:

    "Take a look at this example and try to adapt it for your workbook

    Password Form v6"

    I think the link is not working.

    Would be most grateful if could send me at Kieran dot Nayak at Gmail dot Com

    Many thanks.


  • You really should check for this before attaching. It not only makes work but often makes the answer harder to understand.

    Which posts?

  • Hello Roy,
    even if it cost my membership would it be possible for you to help to delete sensitive data from threads I posted?
    thank you

  • Hello! I saw you deleted my thread here. Could you please delete this thread as well? Thanks in advance!

    My reconciliation VBA macro takes too long to reconcile thousands of data entries

    • You have had a reply to that one.

    • is it possible to delete instead of closed please? It’s an exception, would like the thread to be removed

    • Why do you want it removing?

    • Some details need to be removed or edited out on the thread, preferably removed

  • Hi,

    I know you r more busy.

    It will be very helpful for me if u go through the link and thereby help me to ensure the VBA.

    Excel VBA for printing multiple pdf file by its name, sequence and no of copy from excel column

  • Hi my excel guru,

    Hope your well.

    I know your busy, but was hoping you can pick up on my latest question in the forum that I posted earlier today.



  • sir can you help me on my project, i haved a time in time out monitoring, my problem in when i was time out it not merge on the row that i time in

    • Ask questions in the Forum not here

  • Hi Roy,

    I have 2 Dropdown List with the same options (Included and Excluded) in different sheets. If I select " Included" in one dropdown list, it should also select "Included" on another dropdown list and vice versa. I am new in coding please help me out to crack this.

    • Ask your question in the Forum, not individually.

  • Hey Roy :)

    I'm really thankful for the help , you'r my best hope if it will be ok to ask please if you'll have the time to check it , it's like half finished and I know it's not an easy task that I'm asking , thanks anyway .

    best wishes,


    VBA to copy-paste the last created Excel file inside of a folder and naming it. - Excel VBA / Macros - OzGrid Free Excel/VBA Help Forum

  • Hi Royku

    Could you please view my query and share your suggestions please.

    Many to Many mapping relationship Using VBA

  • Can you pls look into my excel file & share coding pls......

  • Hey Roy,

    My macro opens another Workbook that i open with the varCellValue

    and in that Workbook i copy the range i selected in the first file where my macro is.


    • Stick to the question please

  • I see all new posts and relpis to my posts whenever I log in.

    I'll take another look as soon as I can

  • Hey Roy,

    Thanks for your response to my thread.

    Unfortunately your solution has not solved the problem which i think is down to my explanation of the problem.

    I have responded to your reply on the same thread but was not sure if this would notify you in any way so thought it would be best to give a message here as well.

    Please, if you have time, could you look at my response as i am confident that i have adequately explained the depths of my problem.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi Roy, I create a post last week and i wasn't accurate at first, Can you take a look again?

    Macro to build Searchable drop down list

    Thank you in advance

  • Looked like a question. You said that your code didn't work.

  • I was just placing my ideas not asking.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Hi,

    Please help me on below code. When I run this code I haven't get any error, but at the same time not getting any result too.

    Sub New_Method()

    'If date in coloum C is less than today and cell in coloum E is blank (in the same row), then fill that blank cell with "my text" in coloum E.

    Dim rng As Range

    Dim sh As Worksheet

    Dim lastrow As Long

    lastrow = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

    Set sh = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Entry Page")

    'Set the range in column C you want to loop through

    Set rng = sh.Range("C2" & lastrow)

    With Worksheets("Entry Page")

    For Each Cell In rng

    'test if cell is empty

    If Cell.Value < Date And Cell.Offset(0, 2) = "" Then

    'write to adjacent cell

    Cell.Offset(0, 2).Value = "My Text"

    End If


    End With

    End Sub

    • You should ask your question in the VBA Forum. Read the Forum Rules first and use Code Tags

  • Hello Roy,

    I tried to start a conversation with you but it was not possible.

    Maybe could you please delete the excel file I shared here Dynamic Urserform, I will upload another file.

    Thank you

  • Hello Roy,

    If you will find a few minutes can you change/tell me what I should change in code ?

    Use Macro on Teams/Sharepoint/Onedrive

  • Don't ask questions here, post it in the relevant Forum

  • Hi...need your help with multiple dependent combobox. I have 3 combobox and if any one of the 3 is selected based of the selection the other 2 should get refreshed.

  • I'm re-writing the web site at the moment. Message me here for now

  • Hello. I tried to send you a message in the contact section of your website but it doesn't work

  • I know what XLOOKUP is, I just wanted to be sure that you had Microsoft 365

  • Ah! now I understand about the code button (Spinning my noob propeller). Xlookup is new and comes with Office 360.

  • Hi Roy, I read the rules (twice) but obviously must be missing something; my apologies. I'll read them again and see if I can work out what I'm missing. Thank you for your time and the solutions to provide, they make great reading, and it really helps a self taught noob like me.

  • Hi Roy,

    I'm new to this website. I had a question on VBA and created a thread which I posted. It is basically autofiltering the data pivot tables to display only 6 months at a time. I hope you could assist?